2021 Nov 11 – “Soul” a poem by Tarzana Joe


There are many things that make us

But the thing that makes us whole

Is what no other creature has

And that, friends, is our soul

The body is demanding

Poets call it crude

It has a thirst for water

It fights its way to food

All its subtle systems

Are delicate and needy

It’s programmed for survival

It’s hungry and its greedy

It knows somehow instinctively

It really is defenseless

A single cell can kill it

It sees that fact as senseless

And so when there is danger

We see, year after year

The body is assaulted and

So many live in fear

The soul is more resilient

Secure and everlasting

Immune to most contagion

It flourishes when fasting

As strong when you grow older

As it blossomed in your youth

It has one ever present need

And that of course is truth

So when the truth is hidden

(It often is today)

In the dark and gloomy wood

The soul can lose its way

There is no jab to cure the soul

No man-made therapeutic

No chemical from science

No new-age pharmaceutic

Read, then, words of wisdom

Believe what you can see

When disease attacks the soul

The truth will set it free

By tarzanajoepoetry|November 11th, 2021